Thank you for joining the celebration. The creation of my music poetry CD entitled "Until" has been a remarkable two-year journey. It is a testimony of faith, community, and the power of our thoughts, words and actions.

This CD would not have been possible without my family here in Boston. First, to my partner Stephanie Shaw, thank for all your love, support, feedback, and strength. Thank you Oz Okoawo for taking my idea to become the first Deaf person with a poetry music CD seriously. Your love, support, humor, and belief in me and my work has been endless. For Toni Asante Lightfoot, thank you for your friendship, honesty, superb editing skills, and voice.

For Nuri Chandler Smith, Alex and Curtis King, and the members of Blackout Boston, thank you for lending your voices, love and support. For Liz Deering for her amazing artwork design. For Francis Phan, thank you for reading my work, creating and producing the music which enhances my words, and educating me. Your passion is remarkable. And for Phanai and Empowerment Records for their faith and support in my vision.

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(mp3 clips)

Vocal Conundrums



Pass It On

Brailed Flesh

Self Destruction



Royalty Revisited