Ayisha Knight                
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA, B.A. Theatre Arts, 1994 3.8 GPA, Regents Scholar
Gallaudet University, Washington, DC, 1991
San Francisco Mime Troup, San Fransisco, CA Ed Holmes
University of California:
Acting Studio Danny Scheie
Western Theater Arts Danny Scheie
Intro to Studies Acting Greg Fritsch
Gender and Performance Mary Gamel
Shakespeare Mary Gamel
History of the Theater Elaine Roos
Hamlet Jim Bierman
Production Management John Rathman
Theater Technology John Rathman
Costume Design Elaine Roos
Gallaudet University:
Stage Lighting Jeff Grandel
Theater in Education Vicky Brown
Deaf and Visual Media Jane Norman
Germantown Stage, Germantown MD Acting 1996-1998
Open Circle Theater, Germantown, MD Acting 1995-1997
Arena Stage, Washington, DC Disability Access 1995
Access Coalition Theater, Santa Cruz, CA Acting 1989-1993
God "Godspell" April. 1997
Anarchist "Scream" Dec. 1996
Spirituality "Windchimes and Moonbeams" Oct. 1996
Shank Bar Woman "This Show Bytes" Sept. 1996
Slave "The Colored Museum" May. 1994
Bald Woman "The Colored Museum" May. 1994
LaLa Lamazing Grace "The Colored Museum" May. 1994
Minister "Prelude to a Kiss" Dec. 1993
Curly’s Wife "Of Mice and Men" July. 1992
Wes "Solitaire" June. 1990
Assistant Director:
Benefit, DEAF Inc., Boston Arts Acad., Boston, MA "Vagina Monologues" Jan. 2003
American Sign Language Theatre Consultant:
Theatre Offensive/Wheelock Family Theater, Boston, MA "Bel Canto" June. 2003
Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, MA "Breath Boom" Mar. 2003
Boston Arts Academy, Boston, MA "The Laramie Project" Nov.2002
Wheelock Family Theatre, Boston, MA "Witch of Blackbird Pond" Nov.2002
Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, MA "10 Unknowns" June. 2002
New Rep Theatre Company, Newton, MA "A Lesson Before Dying" Feb. 2002
Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, MA "Amen Corner" June. 2001
Assistant Stage Manager:
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA "Joe Turner" Dec. 1994
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA "Our Country’s Good" June. 1993
Lighting Technician:
Gallaudet University, Washington, DC "The Miser" Nov. 1992
"It's Our Business", BNN Cable Access, Boston, MA Interview with Trina Jackson Oct.14,2003
"Urban Update", WHDH Ch. 7, Boston, MA Interview with Byron Barnett Oct.5, 2003
Ayisha Knight, Cambridge, MA "Journey" (ASL video) in production CURRENT
Phanai emPOWERment Records, Boston, MA "Until" (ASL/music video) Fall 2003
Salem Access TV, Salem, MA "Artist Profile" Sept. 2000
Deaf Inc., Boston, MA "Lets Talk About HIV" Feb.  1999
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA "Not Quiet, Not Silent" June. 1993
Inside the Outsider: The World Seen through Deaf Eyes
Curry College, Public Speaking Class, Milton, MA Nov. 2003
Northeastern University, ASL Interpreting Practicum, Boston, MA Oct. 2003
Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA April. 2003
Northern Essex Community College, Boston, MA Mar. 2003
Black Out, Piano Factory, Boston, MA Aug. 2000
Boston Public Library, Boston, MA June. 2001
Passport to Cuba: A Deaf Woman's Journey
Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA April. 2003
University of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH Feb. 2003
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA Jan. 2003
Deaf Jews in America
Jewish Signers of Massachusetts, Zatars, Brookline, MA April. 2001
Mass. Commission for Deaf and HH, Worcester, MA Shared Exhibit Current
Dorian’s Gallery, Provincetown, MA Shared Exhibit 2002-2003
Disability Expo, Bayside Expo Ctr., Boston, MA Solo Exhibit Sept. 2002
Kentucky Deafestival, Lexington, KY Shared Exhibit June. 2002
Espresso Royale Café, Huntington Ave., Boston MA Solo Exhibit May. 2002
Deaf Expo, Holiday Inn, Lynn, MA Shared Exhibit Sept. 2001
Club Passim, Cambridge, MA Shared Exhibit Aug.  2001
North Shore Career Center, Salem, MA Solo Exhibit July. 2001
Front Street Café, Salem, MA Solo Exhibit April.  2001
Cambridge Cener for Adult Education, Cambridge, MA Solo Exhibit Nov.  2000
Galant Gallery, Salem, MA Shared Exhibit Oct.   2000
2 Dogs Working, Salem, MA Shared Exhibit Sept.  2000
Salem Access TV Gallery, Salem, MA Solo Exhibit Sept.  2000
Who's Next? Witness, Perpetrator, Survivor: Girls Say No to Violence Shared Feature Oct. 2003
Freedom House, Dorchester, MA
BlackOut, Piano Factory, Boston, MA Feature Sept. 2003
Western Front, Cambridge, MA Ensemble Aug. 2003
Michigan Women's Music Festival, Poets' Salon, Hart, MI Ensemble Aug. 2003
Reflect and Strengthen, Milkyway, Jamaica Plain, MA Shared Feature July. 2003
Project Think Different, CD Release, Paradise Lounge, Boston, MA Shared Feature May. 2003
Guild Complex, Chicago, IL Ensemble April. 2003
Funky Buddha, Chicago, IL Shared Feature April. 2003
Green Mill, Chicago, IL Shared Feature April. 2003
CD Fundraiser, Piano Factory, Boston, MA Shared Feature Feb. 2003
BlackOut, Piano Factory, Boston, MA Ensemble 2000-2001
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA Shared Feature April. 2001
Strand Theater, Dorchester, MA Ensemble April. 2001
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Words by Ayisha Knight, music by Francis Phan.
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http://bigboots.shemadethis.com bigboots@riseup.net